Community Outreach Success

focus adult social work has been doing some community work on the outreach bus. During an outreach session in Stallingborough, Linda Johnson, Integrated advice officer & PCSO James Stafford made a visit to a gentleman that lived nearby. The previous night the police had been called to the man’s house when he fell in the kitchen and couldn’t get up. PCSO was concerned about the way the man was living and felt there may be something focus could do to help.

Linda said “The gentleman (Mr T) was happy to talk and they discussed his general daily living, Mr T manages his own personal care and which he made clear he did not want to discuss.”

The freezer in Mr T’s house was full of microwave meals; he pays for a private domestic call once a week for 1 and ½ hours and his daughter who lives in the area visits once a fortnight to do his shopping.

Mr T stated “I never go out and do not want any input from voluntary services.”

Mr T did have a lifeline but it was a different provider to Carelink – Linda enquired with the company as to additional equipment, e.g. fall pendants but they do not provide anything additional to the unit, the company specified they would be happy to attach a fall pendant to their unit if a compatible could be identified, however they would charge a £5 a month monitoring fee.

Once Linda returned to the office she enquired with Duty Triage and it was agreed that a referral for a full telecare could be made under the Falls Pilot due to the amount of falls Mr T was having.

Linda was pleased that now the gentleman had Single Point of Access they might be able to help in the future.
“Mr T is a very independent man but is more likely to contact SPA now he has direct contact with a member of staff.”

Mr T agreed to a referral to the Red Cross as he has been getting some quotes off local, door step salesman, to cut his grass and tend to his garden. PCSO James Stafford explained the danger of financial abuse and stated the Red Cross would help find him a cost effective, legitimate gardener.

Linda felt the visit was “very productive” – having been virtually house bound for nearly ten years Mr T would not have been able to make it out to the bus.
Having never carried out a home visit before Linda felt this new experience was very rewarding, “a man who would never be able to get out to us now knows who focus is, what we do, and may contact the department in the future for more advice and information.”

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