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Young gentleman was admitted to hospital 2013 following a brain hemorrhage, hydrocephalus and cardiac arrest. This incident had impacted on his cognitive function and physical ability. After an intense stay in rehab for therapy he was discharged into a CHC funded nursing bed at a residential care home. He was unable to walk so required a wheelchair and relied solely on others to meet his care needs, this at times was on a 2:1 basis with hoisting, personal care and eating.

He became social care funded summer 2015 and is supported by the adult social care complex team. Working with this gentleman it was evident that his emotional wellbeing needs where not being met. As he was unable to verbally communicate, this was apparent from his body language, lack of eye contact, not willing to participate in activities and his deterioration in his physical condition. Working with family, the therapy team and the IMCA is was identified through best interest that a move to support living was required after some time in rehabilitation to assist him in regain his skills he had previously.

A property was identified that would not only meet his physical needs but also his social and emotional. The other people living in the property was of similar age, had similar interests and had the same occupational before there accidents. A visit to the property was arranged. During the visit the gentleman verbalised what he would like to drink, what his likes and dislikes are and stated that ‘he loved it’. Family where very supportive of the move and assisted their Dad with making choices regarding decoration of his room and the furniture he would like. Due to the large garden at the property, family where able to fetch his grandchildren who were playing football whilst there granddad watch and smiled.

It did not take long for the gentleman to regain the level of independence he once had after his previous stay in rehab. He was able to transfer with a stand aid, reposition himself, assist with turning and was communicating his needs and engaging in communication. The therapist commented that if this progress continued the potential to walk with an aid would be an achievable goal for him to attain.

Since the move (1 week ago) so much independence has already been achieved. He is completing his own personal care, making himself breakfast, verbalising his needs and wants, accessing the community with support, socialise with the other people in the property and is trying to take steps when transferring.

It is hoped with the continuous input of the therapy team, family and support workers that this gentleman will be able to initiate conversation, complete more daily living tasks for himself and eventually walk again.

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