Mental Capacity Basic Self-Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Mental Capacity Act Basic Self Assessment tool, this has been designed by the focus Workforce Development team to aid professionals to test their individual understanding of the Mental Capacity Act at a basic level.

Please download the programme which is in Excel format using the following link and undertake the self-assessment using the guidance below.

For support please contact Workforce Development on 0300 330 2899, or via email

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Please ensure you click enable content highlighted in yellow at the top of the screen before you begin the assessment.

Please complete this Mental Capacity Act Basic Self-Assessment answering the statements for each of the 12 sections using the true or false options. You are required to achieve 90% or higher to pass the assessment. Once you reach the results page please review any sections that you may need to using the ‘Review’ buttons that correspond to that section.

Once you have achieved a pass please click the certificate button on the results page, your certificate can be printed using the ‘Print Certificate’ button upon completion. Please ensure that if you would like to submit your certificate to Workforce Development that you and your supervisor have signed the certificate to validate it. This can then be scanned in and sent to Workforce Development using the following e-mail address if you would like us to record it on your training history.:

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