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In 2013 focus became an independent company leaving the NEL NHS CCG. As part of this transition, a new internal Performance Framework was developed. With a new section dedicated to our community what we called ‘Community Ambition’. In the previous year, to consider and explore this a group of local people came together to understand what this meant to them and people they know. We met with the community, people we was serving, our staff and community representative to produce the following performance measures:

This was the first step, the second step was to then develop in the second year a new modern way to receive qualitative feedback from people we are working with in a timely, efficient and productive manner which will help the new company grow and learn. As well as inform our new board of what people think about the service focus is delivering.

They met regularly over about a two year period and they were supported by people with skills to facilitate and capture the work in a format that could be used to have an impact. The key part to this work was having the unique skills of Pen Mendonca who was able to translate the discussions into Graphic Image Stories. These become the focus and were developed and adapted by the group. As part of this evolving process members of the group took it out to a number of interested groups to test out whether the message and medium was right. The group members also shared and discussed the stories with their friends, relatives and colleagues  This in turn shaped and developed the new feedback loop below.

We then worked recently to develop the new channels, in particular a new ‘Telephone Appreciative Enquiry’ approach to help allow individuals to have a conversation with us of how their experience with focus has been. Through a pilot and various tests of certain questions a final set was produced that worked well. The group was certain it had to be different and not like most feedback questionnaires or forms. The new channels are:

  1. Postcard (self-addressed)
  2. Online
  3. Telephone (call back)
  4. Face-to-face (on site arranged meetings)

It is intended to use the new feedback loop and channels to better inform our members, board and community of areas which are going well or areas which we need to learn from. It is hoped this new method will be live by December 2015. As we establish networks with groups of local volunteers to assist focus in calling back those who with a telephone conversation to give focus their feedback.

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Feedback Loop - A learning organisation

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