Who are we?

Since 2013 focus C.I.C has been operating as a social enterprise. It enables us the opportunity to radically change the way we do things, making use of the flexibilities which operating outside the public sector affords us in order to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable people in North East Lincolnshire.  We are keen to embed our social work practice in communities and neighbourhoods and take forward the development of preventative interventions.

Being close to and involved in our local communities is at the heart of what we do. We are working to change the focus of social work away from 1:1 client work to that of ‘community broker’, enabling people to take control themselves, to make full use of the community assets available and to develop new community capacity. This requires flexibility, innovation, fleetness of foot, an entrepreneurial culture and the fostering of partnerships and alliances.

Empowering and supporting our staff is critical to our success. With a flatter management structure and devolved roles and responsibilities our aim is to ensure that staff feel an integral part of the new organisation able to influence and be involved in decision making.

The organisation has approximately 150 staff with an operating budget of c£4m and have joint responsibility with the NELCCG (in full) for care and support budgets of c£28m. A Board of Governors with an independent chair; employee, community, user and carer representation  oversee the social enterprise which is established as a Community Interest Company. All employees are eligible and encouraged to become members of the organisation.

Joe Warner
Managing Director

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE: What is a Social Enterprise?

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